Leadership Support Program

The Leadership Support Program collects, interprets, and synthesizes historical information to support senior officials within the Office of the Secretary of Defense and to strengthen historical awareness throughout the Department of Defense. Oral history interviews of current and former Department of Defense officials, conducted with the support of the leadership support program, serve as repositories of experience and knowledge for future defense leaders to consult. In addition to responding to requests for information from defense leaders, the program produces brief histories of OSD offices and policies, maintains listings and brief biographies of key officials, assists in the production of the Public Statements of the Secretary of Defense, and manages the DoD History Speaker Series in collaboration with the Service and Joint history programs.

Publications Program

The Publications Program preserves the history of the Office of the Secretary of Defense and related Department of Defense programs through the preparation of studies researched and written in accordance with the highest scholarly standards. The program oversees the preparation and publication of the Secretaries of Defense Historical Series, which focuses on the role of the Secretary of Defense in the development of national security policy and the management of the Department of Defense. It also supports the research, writing, and publication of special historical studies, such as the Cold War Foreign Policy Series, and the book series, History of Acquisition in the Department of Defense.