National Security Personnel System and British Nuclear History Oral History Transcripts

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 National Security Personnel System (NSPS) Oral History Transcripts
Interviewee  Transcript(s)
Abell, Charlie  09/16/14
Adams, Patricia Undated

Brown, Peter


Bunn, Bradley



Chu, David



Dominguez, Michael  08/01/08

England, Gordon and Robert Earl


Lacey, Mary 



Navas, William 01/06/09
Nesterczuk, George  08/26/08

Sanders, Ronald

 Seymour, Sharon


 Snyder, David  08/01/08



 British Nuclear History Oral History Transcripts - The British Nuclear History oral history interviews were conducted by Dr. Alfred Goldberg before he became Chief Historian at the OSD Historical Office.
Interviewee  Transcript(s)

Attlee, Earl


Boyle, Sir Dermot


Denny, Sir Michael


Dickson, Sir William  11/12/62

Henderson, Rt. Hon. Arthur


Hillsborough, Earl Alexander of

 Hungerford, Viscount Portal of


 Ismay, Lord


 Jacobs, Sir Ian  03/26/63
Lloyd, Rt. Hon. Selwyn   05/30/63
 Makins, Sir Roger  08/08/63
Morgan, Lt. Gen. Sir Frederick   10/18/62
 Pelly, Air Chief Marshal Sir Claude  06/14/63
 Penney, Sir William  06/19/63
 Plowden, Lord  10/02/62
Shinwell, Rt. Hon. Emanuel   11/26/62
 Slessor, Marshal of the RAF Sir John



 Slim, Field Marshal the Viscount  01/15/63
 Strachey, Rt. Hon. John  11/07/62
 Strauss, Rt. Hon. G.R.  05/21/63
 Watkinson, Rt. Hon. Harold  03/28/63