Cold War Foreign Policy Series


 Special Study #1

Establishing the Secretary's Role: James Forrestal
 Special Study #2

 Rearming at the Dawn of the Cold War: Louis Johnson,George Marshall, and Robert Lovett
 Special Study #3

Evolution of the Secretary of Defense in the Era of Massive Retaliation: Charles Wilson, Neil McElroy, and Thomas Gates 1953-1961



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 Full Volume
 Jeffrey A. Larsen and Erin R. Mahan

 June 2011
 Jeffrey A. Larsen and Robert M. Shelala II

 February 2012
 Erin R. Mahan and Jeffrey A. Larsen

 September 2012
Special Study #4

The Ascendancy of the Secretary of Defense: Robert S. McNamara, 1961-1963
 Special Study #5

 Expanding the Secretary's Role in Foreign Affairs: Robert McNamara and Clark Clifford
Special Study #6

Melvin Laird and Nixon's Quest for a Post-Vietnam Foreign Policy, 1969-1973



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 Erin R. Mahan and Jeffrey A Larsen

 July 2013    
 Joel C. Christenson

 September 2014
 Richard A. Hunt

 September 2014
Special Study #7

  The Decline of Détente: Elliot Richardson, James Schlesinger, and Donald Rumsfeld, 1973-1977

Special Study #8

Harold Brown and the Imperatives of Foreign Policy, 1977-1981





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  Full Volume

 Walter S. Poole
September 2015   

 Edward C. Keefer

September 2017