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 The Decline of Détente: Elliot Richardson, James Schlesinger, and Donald Rumsfeld, 1973-1977 (Vol. VIII)

Joel C. Christenson, Anthony R. Crain, and Richard A. Hunt


The OSD Historical Office is publishing this eighth volume in the Secretaries of Defense Historical Series incrementally due to unusually long delays in the declassification process. Chapters will be posted here when they are approved for public release, and the Historical Office will publish the complete volume through the U.S. Government Publishing Office when all chapters are available.


Chapter Number Chapter Title File
1 “Two Presidents, Three Secretaries of Defense”
2 “Countering the Soviet Buildup and Inflation: The Military Budget, 1973-1977”
4 "Funding the Schlesinger Doctrine"
5 "SALT II: The Quest for Stability
6 "The All-Volunteer Force"
7 "The Cyprus Crisis and Discord Along NATO's Southern Flank"
8 "The 1973 Arab-Israeli War"
9 "Arms to Israel and Shuttle Diplomacy"
13 "Limited Retrenchment in East Asia"

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